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In recent years, the demands on modern paints for industrial processing have increased enormously, especially considering the legal standards for solvent proportions and environmental friendliness. With the products from the REESA industrial paint line, we have conceptualized technical solutions that not only meet these requirements unconditionally, but also offer our business partners a great deal of peace of mind and reliability.

We provide a comprehensive assortment that fulfils the individual, diverse demands of our partners, providing commercial vehicle paints and coatings for container, plant, machine, steel and bridge construction, with certified products in accordance with TL/TP KOR for steel structures sheet 87.
This product range includes both conventional 1K alkyd enamels and the latest, low-solvent 2K epoxy resin and 2K polyurethane paint. In recent years, the amount of water-based varnishes has continuously risen and will also be a focus in future product development.